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American Sniper: He's a Legend The Movie Not So...

American Sniper: Review
Post 9/11 Many Men joined the armed forces to fight the terrorist threats abroad thats what happens to Chris Kyle (Bradley Cooper) a Simple Texas son who joins,becomes a Expert one of a kind Sniper, with in Seconds of film begining we have to watch the perils and choices this man has to make on a dusty roof in Iraq --Kill a Young Boy Or Women -- who holds a weapon Or Do They? Now he meets his wife They fall in love Etc.. all quick clips leading into war Flashbacks abroad and during many intense war scenes happen all in the name of freedom and protection against a Iraqi Sniper from the Olympics who has been killing off american soldiers -- Its Sniper Vs Sniper --We See friendships forge in 3 seconds and then its sorta like Chris charector has revenge / cant do nothing else but war --appears to be leaving his family to always fight this enemy His Mind and This crazy War -- He shows signs of PTSD during Home Visits Between his Tours of duty -- But when he is in major gun battles or on roof tops sniping people He Calls his wife and Has random talks of comfort ? Bradly Cooper is Bland at best but thats How this movie was written --Bland at Best -- They want to drive home the notion of insane choices a soldier must make to survive and also show/set up how bad and ugly that region is with every citizen being armed and ready to kill americans -- Clint Eastwood Surely Drives Home The slow steady thinking he has at this age -- and the movie never makes me feel like im rooting for anyone --Then The end is the most interesting subject with Wounded Veterans and then he stops movie with another sad Tragedy --- So as far as awards go -- Bradly Cooper will be nominated only cause its a big movie & Eastwood will get a Nod for Directing cause it may be his last ---

Thursday, February 14, 2013

                 A Good Day To Watch Die Hard "Die Hard"

Ok: so this is my first blog/review in 2 years ive been busy lol. But i am a huge Die Hard Fan ever since 1988 when i was a 13 year old fat kid --there have been 4 Die Hard movies and i enjoyed them all - They are all just complete action/fun . so iwas a lil skeptical going into this new Die Hard as the Last Die Hard--Called Live Free --Sorta took John Mcclain out of the confined element and into the world of politics and USA government Redderick ---and seeing the trailers for this new Die Hard of being in russia sorta urked me but i was still all in ---So i went to a 10pm Wensday Showing and heres my review: Spoiler Alert

    The Lights go up and the action starts right away After The blatent Obama Headshot In Mcclains Office  as we dont have to learn much about character development since we know all these characters or Do we--- first of did Holly Generro Die where is she and Did John & Holly Have A Boy --i ddint remeber that stuff from earlier films --plus the son is like 25 years young and in the CIA --wouldnt hanz gruber or his family members have known that when chasing the mcclains throught the years ---so mclain visits russia to see his son who is being put on trail for a hired murder and to testify --against russian nuclear men from chernobyl ----so yes an action filled escape happens right when John Mcclain Get There as his son is helping the russian Refugee escape the russin judges --Mclain blindly follows and helps his son and the Nuke Man escape --The so called russian military or death squad --an amazing fun filled car chase ensues --where mcclain throws in his usual Die Hrd Yells Of jokes --im on vacation --or why am i here --etc.. makes no sense in these moments --as he went to peril to see his son --as it didint just happen --he traveled to it --so some of the die hard mythology is already missing in my eyes...

  they make it to a safe house to plan there next moves and ofcourse worse gets worser -they have been followed --really?  son and dad yell at each other about why this is happining and whats going on --etc.. etc..
they must go on a mission to help the nuke man get a file that will save all their heads --from the military --all while mcclain son is working for the american CIA --who was helping him in the begining and just left him in the cold --i guess-they just dissapered off screen --so they must travel to chernobyl to get this file for the old nuke man --so son and dad start the adventure --of learning and loving each other again --while getting ready --but oops the old mans daughter turns on him and helps kidnapp him for the military thugs --who might i add all had amzing action figure traites like --bald--muscaler-blond mohawk-asian-tatoos--they were made so the screen can  differentiate them while there being killed LOL-- and the main bad guy was a Javier Bardam Rip Off --he danced and talked alot and ate a carrot while about to excute John & His Son-he didnt even sound russian --ok --Ofcourse they kidnapp the Old Nuke Man and John & His Son escape --in another amazing building action sequence --which makes me wonder what the first Die Hard Woulda Looked Like with all these Amazing Fun Filled CGI effects --and the original Die Hard Charm --WOW

But sadly this is a bad rehash of a Franchise --so they all end up in chernobyl were Radiation Is Still Everywhere --but somehow the Government or science has invented a liquid that kills radiation so they dont have to be in radiation suits---all the time --Only so they can shoot up shit -- its reveled that the old nuke man has stashed uranium (unobtainium) LOL in the vault in hopes of using it in Weapons Of Mass Destruction--and its a triple cross the nuke man --had help from his daughter to escape with the help of Johns CIA Son and get this whole thing in Motion --didint see that coming (Yeah Right) --so now John & His Son are all alone in this attempt to stop these mad Nuke People from destroying the world--but john and no one will get radiation poisoning thanks to that futuristic liquid --and where the fuck is the russion and American satellites following this shit --we have drones and men placed everywhere -- so know where at the climax of the film --and i thought to myself no one was kidnapped in mcclain family as per the originals,and john is not confined to one small place --as per the first 2 --and no die hard cameos---so its feeling less like a die hard but a wannabe 007 --with Bruce Willis --

An amazing Battle for the uranium ensues --all the action in this movie is just amazing --crazy fun --the mcclains save the day --and wont have radaiation or any help from america i guess--the movie ends with a family reunion of the mcclains --But no Holly -Or anyone --i mean anyone --like cops or cia --wow

in conclussion this was a russian action movie on a hollywood scale with bruce willis & Die Hard in name but in None of the spirit --There truly Was No intriguing Story--or continuity from the originals --so beyond the IMAX sound and Action Experiance i Loved -- This movie cemented the fact That the Film I Loved when i was 13 has matured and sold out --This movie Does Die Hard --and it hurts --RIP Die Hard 1 -4 


 -Watch The Official Trailer.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Captain ( Too Simple ) America ..Are Americans Dumb?

I Dont Normally Copy A Review And Paste But Its Real Late & This Review Sums Up Captain America To A Tee..... ( It sUCKS )

Sticking to its simplistic, patriotic origins, where a muscular red, white and blue GI slugging Adolf Hitler in the jaw is all that’s required.
If you take a World War II movie, dial up the action with contemporary visual effects and CGI, then give your hero a double dose of steroids and human growth hormones, you wind up in the movie/comic book world of Captain America: The First Avenger. The movie is, of course, Marvel Comics' and Paramount’s filmization of Joe Simon and Jack Kirby’s Super Soldier series that first appeared in comic books in March 1941, well before Pearl Harbor, so understandably this is one superhero movie that demands that the first movie at least be a period one. So you get an alternative WWII, say like Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds -- only without all that dialogue and enough oversized vehicles and outlandish sets to fit its beefcake hero.
Captain America delivers comic book action that should satisfy Captain America’s fans, old and new, while Chris Evansno-nonsense yet engaging portrayal of a man who doesn’t know how to back away from a fight may cause young women to swoon and young men to join a gym. Yet the film will leave others wondering -- especially following the film’s long gestation and marketing buildup -- “Is this all there is?”
For in terms of even recent films, Captain America lacks the deft touch, appealing character interaction and sophisticated storytelling skills of Marvel Comics’ X-Men: First Class. And let’s not even bother to compare this to Christopher Nolan’s Batman series.
Sticking to its simplistic, patriotic origins, where a muscular red, white and blue GI slugging Adolf Hitler in the jaw is all that’s required, Captain America trafficks in red-blooded heroes, dastardly villains, classy dames and war-weary military officers. There is no ambiguity here. Nor does any superhero question his powers. No, sir, not in this war and not with these determined heroes.
While bracketed by a modern-day sequence, the movie otherwise takes place in a heightened rendering of the early days of the fight against Nazi Germany. Brooklyn’s Steve Rogers (Evans), son of a dead war hero, repeatedly tries to enlist in the military, but his physical condition is pure 4F.
In perhaps the movie’s best or at least weirdest visual effect, Evans’ face sits atop an unbelievably scrawny body that recruiting sergeants shoo away until German-American scientist Dr. Erskine (Stanley Tucci, with the phoniest of accents) sees something special in the young man. Col. Chester Phillips (Tommy Lee Jones, having a fine time) dismisses Steve as a “90-pound asthmatic,” not without justification. But the minute Dr. Erskine performs a “procedure” on Steve — with equipment that looks like it was left over from Bride of Frankenstein -- suddenly Steve is buff and fast-healing, in fact, nearly impossible to injure. Moments after his rebirth, he faces his first test as he races barefoot through Manhattan streets circa 1942 to take down a Nazi spy. This feat more than catches the eye of British military liaison Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell), not to mention the press.
An overnight media sensation, the military doesn't know what to do with Steve other than send him -- shades of Flags of Our Fathers -- on a bond-raising tour as the newly dubbed Captain America. When the tour takes him to Europe, he breaks out of the carnival show long enough to save the lives of nearly 400 GIs, including his Brooklyn buddy Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan). This rescue cues a new assignment for Captain America.
Steve is now point man for Col. Phillips’ team in Strategic Scientific Research, along with the redoubtable Peggy Carter and inventor Howard Stark (Dominic Cooper), in taking on the Hydra organization, a Nazi science division that is even worse than the Nazis. In fact, it’s more like a worldwide criminal organization out of the James Bond era, intent on world conquest and more than willing to kill fellow Nazis. Everyone associated with this evil group shouts not “Heil Hitler” but “Heil Hydra.”
It’s run by the mad scientist Red Skull (go-to villain guy Hugo Weaving), whose red face may be the result of an experiment gone horribly wrong or just pain embarrassment at the Nazi clich├ęs he is forced to play. He even listens to the soothing strains of Richard Wagner. Yes, he does.
Caught between contemporary tentpole moviemaking and a period piece, the movie keeps featuring very odd visual anachronisms. You might accept the battles that feature sci-fi weapons alongside vintage WWII arms, but what can you make of the Hydra soldiers’ Darth Vader costumes, those weird planes, cars and a submarine that maneuver within 1943’s Earth, sky and sea and, most alarming of all, that red dress Peggy wears in the battle zone? It’s a knock-‘em-dead outfit that may be a special weapon all its own.
Director Joe Johnston makes certain that amid all the retro-futuristic nonsense, his nucleus of actors playing SSR heroes fits well together. Evans nicely underplays the role, giving a Gary Cooper-ish air to the young hero who just wants to do the right thing. Atwell is a perfect throwback to that era: Darkly gorgeous yet tough as nails, she would look just at home painted on a bomber fuselage as she is slugging a solider who gives her lip.
Jones knows how to make every moment of screen time count with these grumpy and gruff characters he now plays, but Stan and Cooper aren’t so lucky: Their characters came out a little too thin in Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely‘s screenplay. Meanwhile, Weaving is very one-notish as the villain, which leaves it to Toby Jones, as his sidekick, to add a little nuance to Nazi villainy.
The tech team brilliantly supports the comic book action without any single department showing off or adding unnecessary flourishes. A special tip of the hat to Anna B. Sheppard’s costumes and Rick Heinrichs’ production design for maintaining enough period flavor so the production doesn’t go too overboard.
Oh yes, this film is yet another summer fantasy in 3D in certain theaters. For some sequences, the format works well enough, but it’s hardly worth the extra expenditure. This gimmick is truly running out of steam.